Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Grand Experiment

Another facet to the creating of purchasable online content is the ability to produce products virtually, before considering investing in manufacturing them physically. Our first experiment in virtual product testing is in the form of Bunn, an anime inspired rabbit that, in his virtual form, sits on your IMVU avatar’s shoulder as a pet. With no capital at all, an inspired designer can test an idea as a purchasable item, watch to see if it is popular, and even tweak and evolve a design before considering making it a physical product.

To see Bunn in the IMVU catalog, you can visit:

Working with IMVU

I recently started work with the small team at, an online 3D chat community founded by many of my friends from my There. I am working with Matt Danzig as a fellow art director responsible for creating dynamic 3D environments for IMVU members to purchase, and use as the basis of their own unique designs. I am happy to say this is the most enjoyable work I have done in a long while. Beyond merely concept, I am responsible for designing, building, texturing, and tech-ing original 3D content that frequently makes it online and purchasable the same day it is created. Here are a few of the environments I have worked on so far, with countless more to come.